Enabling Palestinian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to meet International Product Standards
This study aims to identify and clarify the important role of standards in the development of MSMEs and in increasing their productivity and thus increasing competitiveness and attracting new markets locally and abroad. The study examines the validity of the hypothesis that the application of standards by MSMEs helps to raise the productive and competitive capacity as well as the ability to attract and open new markets locally and internationally.
Detention Bulletin - Issue 14 - February 2011
In February 2011, two videos emerged from the village of An Nabi Salih, which is located approximately 15 km north of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank. Adjacent to the village is the Israeli settlement of Hallamish. The first video shows the arrest of an 11-year-old boy accused of stone throwing, and the second video shows Israeli soldiers entering a house in the village at 1:00 am to record details and photograph the children. Most Fridays since early 2010, the residents of An Nabi Salih have staged weekly demonstrations against the expansion of the nearby settlement.
AMAN: Annual Report 2009
AMAN-Coalition for Integrity and Accountability was established in the year 2000 upon the initiative by a number of Palestinian civil society organizations working in the fields of democracy, human rights, and good governance. The program was designed to promote the values of integrity, principles of transparency and systems of accountability in the various Palestinian sectors with the aim of participating in the building of a national integrity system.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 13 - 19 July 2011
This week, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians and injured 42 others throughout the oPt. In the West Bank, seven other Palestinians were injured and over 1,000 trees damaged by settlers. Area C demolitions continue. In Gaza, a Palestinian killed in a tunnel-related incident. Movement through Rafah remains limited. Israeli navy seized an international solidarity boat. A Palestinian NGO dissolved by Gaza authorities.
Restricting AID: The Challenges of Delivering Assistance in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
The Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), representing 84 international humanitarian and development agencies working in the oPt, conducted a survey of its members to assess and quantify the impact these restrictions have on the effectiveness of aid delivery to communities in the oPt.
Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in the Public Health Services
This report examines the provision of transparent and equitable health services to Palestinians, concentrating on the public health insurance system. It will review the current procedures of providing health care services in the public sector, the standards and bases of professional ethics of administrators and workers in this sector, and a survey of the extent of information available to the public by the public health sector.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 20 - 26 July 2011
Israeli forces injure 25 Palestinians in the West Bank. Also in the West Bank, 15 Bedouin families forcibly evicted due to settler violence. Four other bedouin families displaced due to demolitions. Violence in Gaza declined. Gaza authorities execute two men. Movement through Rafah Crossing remains limited.
The Jordan Valley: Documenting the Violations of the Israeli Occupation Forces in the Jordan Valley
Complementing an important series published in the past few years by Maan Development Center about the Jordan Valley, this report monitors the Israeli Occupation violations over the period starting from January 2010 until June 2011. These violations are characterized by a set of systematic policies that have resulted in a deliberate demographic fracture in the composition of the Palestinian society in the Jordan Valley. This is to the benefit of settlers and at the expense of the Palestinian land and population.
International Charitable Associations and Non Governmental Organizations in Palestine
This study does not address the controversy over the significance of the role of international NGOs and their negative or positive impact on various aspects in Palestine. The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability AMAN conducted this study to examine the work environment of these organizations and the level of transparency and accountability as decisive factors in determining the efficiency of their integrity systems. This is the core mission of AMAN as an organization for transparency and accountability.
Cash Versus In-Kind Assistance: Statistical Study of a Household survey in Palestin
The aim of this study is to help donors identify which of the two forms of assistance best supports the poor and food insecure within the prevailing socio-economic conditions in the Palestinian Territories and the structure of households and poverty profiles in WBGS. To address this topic, the study applies various statistical methods to data from a household survey conducted by the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). The survey (Palestine Poverty Perception, PPP Survey) covered 2087 Palestinian households and was conducted in 2006.