SHAMS: "Facilitating movement” on the occasion of Christmas is a desperate attempt to beautify the ugly face of occupation
Restrictions imposed by Israel on the freedom of movement and freedom to practice religious rites in the occupied Palestinian territories are in violation of international laws and conventions
Caricature exhibition entitled (Comic lines) in Gaza With participation of Arab and foreign cartoonists
MADA center calls for respecting freedom of expression in oPt
While the humanity will celebrate tomorrow, 10 December, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is an important asset to all human societies, which a lot of them are implementing most of its articles, the Palestinian people still suffers from the yoke of the last occupation on the planet since 1967. The Palestinian’s human rights are violated every day, especially by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers; also the Palestinian internal divide has led to further deterioration of the human rights situation in West Bank and Gaza since mid-2007.
Half a million Dollars to Support Human Rights and Good Governance Sector
NGO Development Center (NDC) signed today, Nov. 30, 2010, in its offices in Al-Ram and Gaza, funding agreements totaled half a million US dollars for the benefit of 13 NGOs working in the human rights and good governance sector in the occupied Palestinian territories. The funding is part of the Small Grants Facility (SGF) of the Human Rights and Governance Secretariat which the NDC administers. The SGF is considered complementary to the core funding program of the Secretariat.
"SHAMS" issues a Statement on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
The Center for Human Rights and Democracy Media "SHAMS" believes that in spite of the massive developments that the world has witnessed in the field of anti-violence against women and in legitimizing their rights to empower them, women around the world still suffer unfair practices and physical and psychological harm, women still suffer from persecution and oppression and aggression, caused by non-equal power relations between men and women due to absence of encouraging cultural and social heritage and the dominance of harmful habits and backward traditions that causes the widespread of the
Al Mezan Concludes Awareness Symposia on Child Rights and Protection in OPT
On Thursday 25 November 2010, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, with support from UNICEF, concluded a series of awareness symposia on child rights and protection in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) which were held at the Cultural Center at the Khan Younis Municipality in Khan Younis district. The fourth symposia were delivered over three days under a project supported by UNICEF during the past three months. A group of Imams participated in these symposia.
DCI: Suspended sentences for soldiers convicted of using 9-year-old as a human shield
On Sunday, two Givati Brigade staff sergeants were demoted in rank to sergeants by an Israeli military court and given three-month suspended sentences for ‘inappropriate conduct’ after being convicted of forcing a nine-year-old boy at gunpoint to search for explosives during the war in Gaza (Haaretz - 21 November 2010).
My heart with Palestine
My name is Maksym( Maxim) Ashur.I was born in Palestine, Gaza in 10.08.1999 but left country in 2003 with my mother.We moved to Ukraine.I miss my Motherland..Palestine is always in my heart.
NGO Development Center Organized an Event to Draw Prizes for the Second Competition on the NGO Sector
The NDG Development Center (NDC) held an event in its offices in Al-Ram and Gaza on Thursday, October 4, 2010 to draw prizes for the second competition on the NGO sector, which the center has organized in Ramadan through its Palestinian Portal "Masader". Mr. Sadeq Farwana, General Manager of Al-Wasata Company for Securities Exchange, and Mr. Suliman Al Radwan, Deputy Director, in Gaza, attended the prize drawing together with the NDC’s staff of both Gaza and Al-Ram.
Training Youths and School Children on Human Rights (Fifth Group)
Within “ the Training Youths and School Children on Human Rights” project Future Generation Hands Association has conducted training course for the fifth group, financed and supported by Welfare Association and Austrian Development Agency.