On the World Press Freedom Day, PCHR and OHCHR Organize Honoring Ceremony Entitled Outstanding Journalists
Yesterday evening, 3 May 2010, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) organized a ceremony entitled "Distinguished Journalists" to honor 25 journalists, who were granted international awards in 2009 and 2010 for their works. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of journalists, representatives of media institutions and civil society organizations and public figures.
Al Mezan Concludes a Training Course Entitled 'Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL): Basic Concepts'
TRC conclude the National Conference " ""A year to liberate the prisoner. United in supporting their families"
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TRC conclude the National Conference titled:"A year to liberate the prisoners…United in supporting their families"
Al Dameer Organizes an Awareness Campaign Entitled “Right of Charitable Associations and Local Bodies is a Constitutional Right”
On Monday, 19 April 2010, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights in cooperation with PNGO network organized a press conference at its office in Gaza and announced the beginning of the awareness campaign. It was entitled “the Right Of Charitable Associations and Local Bodies is a Constitutional Right” and it is going to be organized in the context of implementing the activities of the project funded by the European Union that contribute to the Respect, Protection, and Promotion of the Rights of Freedom of Association in the Gaza Strip.
PCHR Director, Raji Sourani, re-elected as FIDH Vice President for the Forth Consecutive Time
At the conclusion of the International Federation for Human Rights’ (FIDH) 37th Congress that took place in Yerevan, Armenia, from 6 to 10 April 2010, lawyer Raji Sourani, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights’ (PCHR) director, was re-elected as FIDH vice president. This is the forth consecutive mandate of Sourani as FIDH vice president, a position that he occupied already for nine years and that he will occupy now for further three years.
MADA: last month was full of Israeli attacks on journalists
The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) monitored escalated and dangerous violations against the Palestinian journalists during March 2010.
DCI - Palestine completes the first year of the EU-funded project
At the end of March, Palestinian child rights organization, Defence for Children International - Palestine Section (DCI-Palestine) will have completed the first year of the EU-funded project "Promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children affected by armed conflict and occupation".
Dr. Eyad El Sarraj President of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme received the most prestigious International Award
Gaza Community Mental Health Progarmme Board of Directors, Director General, and staff congratulate Dr. Eyad El Sarraj on receiving the most prestigious International Juan J. Lopez Ibor 2010 Award, bestowed upon those who excel internationally in the field of psychiatry. This year, the award was given to a recipient who has devoted his professional career to the rights and dignity of the mental health patients and contributed to the promotion of mental health through scientific research.
Right to Live Society Organized Football League for Down’s Syndrome
Within the Down’s Syndrome International Day, the competition of a football league started in Right to Live Society on Wednesday, 17.03.2010. Many students with Down Syndrome were participate in this activity through many teams (Haifa, Yafa, Jenen). Mr. Mohamed Al Araier, RLS Deputy, said that this activity aims to encourage the spirit of competition and cooperation between students and accept defeat and win with open mind.