Al-Haq: Torture in the OPT discussed in BBC Arabic television
On 2 March 2010, Al-Haq participated in a panel set up by BBC Arabic television, discussing the commission of the crime torture by the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, within the Occupied Palestinian Territory torture. In order to see the program, please click on the following link:
FHGA Holds a Palestinian-Palestinian Meeting
2010-01-15 Within the Palestinian-Palestinian Communication, Future Generation Hands Association in Nablus starts its activities for 2010 by held the Palestinian Palestinian Meeting. The meeting started with the welcome-speech of Mr. Majed Tubelieh general manager of FGHA he welcomed the guests and emphasized that the Future Generation Hands Association working hard with all the possibilities available to develop the communication between Palestinian either at home or the diaspora at the level of youth, women and children.
PCHR Condemns Measures Taken by Security Services in Gaza against Fatah Activists
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns measures taken by the security services in Gaza against activists of Fatah Movement in the Gaza Strip to prevent them from commemorating the 45th anniversary of the establishment on the movement on the 1st of January. Security services in Gaza arrested dozens of activists of Fatah movement during the last week of December 2009. A number of detainees were violently beaten and were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment.
Al-Maqdese reveals a map issued by the Jerusalem Municipality to demolish hundreds of buildings in East Jerusalem
Al-Maqdese held an urgent press conference at its Al-Ram office, in order to disclose the serious information regarding Jerusalem Municipality plans for the future of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. MSD revealed in the conference a map issued on 28/12/2009 by the Jerusalem Municipality. By this, the Municipality plans to demolish hundreds of Palestinian residency buildings in Silwan and other neighborhoods as Al-Bustan, and Al-Thouri. Al-Maqdese had a chance and got the map through its own resources. This map highlighted 312 residency buildings in East Jerusalem that are threatened with
UNRWA signs an agreement with WA and Cayan company to reconstruct the first school in Nahr el Bared
The Welfare Association signed in Beirut on 17 November 2009, a memorandum of understanding with Cayan company for Investment and Real Estate Development and UNRWA, by which Cayan company donates 1.6 million USD for the reconstruction of a school in Nahr el Bared camp. Welfare Association will be managing the funds of the project, while UNRWA will provide the land for the implementation of the project by Cayan company.
The Palestinian NGOs Network Won the French Republic Human Rights Award 2009
In November 2009, the jury of the French National Consultant Committee for Human Rights in France selected the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) as one of the five winners -among candidates from all over the world - for the French Republic Human Rights Award 2009. The jury considers that PNGO network deserves this prize because of its work to defend human rights.
Word Bank Extends PNGO III Project
The World Bank extends for fifteen months the NDC PNGO III Programme. Whereby, NDC will continue directing the funding towards the NGO sector in the form of granting schemes and capacity building aimed at improving the effectiveness, self-reliance and sustainability of civil society over a period of two years (2009 – 2011). PNGO III is sub-divided among the following components; 1. NGO Grants for Social Service Delivery 2. NGO Sector Development 3. Institutional Development of NDC
PCHR Receives Two Delegations of International Partners
On Monday, 26 October 2009, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) received two delegations from its international partners, Oxfam International and Christian Aid. The meetings were held in PCHR’s head office in Gaza City.