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ACDI/VOCA is working to build stability in the West Bank & Gaza by helping agricultural businesses achieve greater success and improving the ability of communities to cope with food insecurity. ACDI/VOCA has been working in the West Bank & Gaza since 1986. During the last 20 years, we have worked within many sectors of Palestinian society, providing technical assistance and support to poor farmers, cooperatives, communities and businesses alike. The success of our current activities has been built through the lessons we’ve learned and the local relationships we’ve established over many years.

Australian Development Agency
Academy for Educational Development (AED)

To improve people's lives and solve critical social problems by offering the best thinking, technologies, and multidisciplinary approaches to human development. We work to connect disadvantaged people to knowledge and resources that can improve their lives and to further our vision of a world in which every individual can contribute to the well-being of his or her family, community and nation.