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Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)

Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) is the humanitarian organisation of the Norwegian trade union movement. In its work NPA is guided by the values of national and international solidarity, human dignity, freedom and equality. NPA is a voice for the vulnerable, the poor and the oppressed in Norway and abroad. Today, NPA is one of the largest Norwegian NGOs.

Near East Foundation

The Near East Foundation recognizes the shared humanity and dignity of al l per sons. Every project is an equal partnership between NEF and the persons with whom we work. The Near East Foundation approaches each community with openness—recognizing its unique conditions and involving the people themselves as integral participants in analyzing a problem, applying knowledge and planning a solution. Insisting on consistency only in its approach to people, the Near East Foundation exhibits flexibility in the particulars of where, with whom, and by what means it works. Under standing that human and material resources are limited, even for the worthiest projects, the Near East Foundation seeks from the outset to make its projects self - sustaining over time. Making the best use of the support it receives, the Near East Foundation joins its resourcefulness with that of its partners to effect multiple, far-reaching impacts. A true "learning organization", the Near East Foundation employs almost a century of experience in devising appropriate solutions to new problems