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VIS- Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo

In 1986 VIS – International Volunteer Service for Development, a non-profit and Non-Governament Organization (NGO) of solidarity, began to operate as an educational agency.
According to Italian law nr. 49 in 1987, obtained in 1991 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NGO is competent to carry out projects of International Cooperation for development.
Promoted by the National Institution of Salesians CNOS, VIS, as a lay organization, collaborates independently with the Salesian Congregation in Italy and in poor Nations, thanks to the inspiration of Don Bosco's Preventive System and Salesian educational praxis.

In Developing Nations, VIS works particularly in the education and training sector, with International cooperation projects, through a holistic approach:

- To educate, teach and sustain children and youths at risk socially
- To assist and rehabilitate street children, abused minors and ex-soldiers children
- To guarantee vocational training, work access and social rehabilitation
- To promote human rights, particularly the rights of children and older youth
- To promote the development of local communities, sustaining local educative realities, training for trainers and the development of youth enterprises
- To train people able to work for the promotion of human development, offering the same opportunities to everyone and respecting the value of each culture
- To improve information access and training through new technologies

In Italy VIS works, in accordance with its educative mission:

- To raise consciousness within Italian public opinion on solidarity and international cooperation themes
- To support the International volunteer service carried out with educative skill, directed to the human being in order to promote lasting human development
- To train Italian operators to international cooperation, human rights and development of appropriate themes
- To promote economic advocacy for International social justice

With these objectives VIS promotes training activities in Italy and in the European Community, and works throughout the world, carrying out human development, cultural and socio-economical programmes.