The Launching Of an Initiative That Supports PWDs in Nablus
Nablus - Women and Family Affairs Center (WAFAC) in partnership with SANAD Association for People with Special Needs, in Nablus city, are launching the implementation activities of the initiative entitled "Strengthening the Social Integration of PWDs in our Palestinian Society", funded by the EducAid. The initiative aims at contributing to the psycho-social and economic empowerment of mothers of PWDs through highlighting their suffering and to facilitate their involvement and integration into society and to mainstream disability issues in public life. It is worth mentioning that the initiative will be implemented over four months and focuses on mothers of children with disabilities, specifically autism problems to raise their awareness about the importance of early screening and conduct rapid intervention, integrate them in appropriate program and to provide them with mechanisms and tools that enable them to deal with their children and provide them with life skills, vocational counseling and basic project management skills that fits their abilities so they can with their mothers manage a micro project whenever its possible. It must be pointed out that this initiative comes as part of "Empowerment of DPOs Promoting WWDs Rights in the West Bank" project, which is based on a true partnership between CSOs and DPOs.
Right to Live Society receives Stars Impact Award 2015
Right to Live Society (RLS) received Stars Impact Award for the year 2015. The ceremony was held on 12 December during the Philanthropreneurship Forum 2015 in Versailles, France under the theme ‘New Frontiers of Philanthropy’. On behalf of RLS, Mr. Ahmed Al Helou, executive manager, attended the event and received the award. RLS provides Down syndrome and Autistic children in Gaza Strip with health care and education services. It is worth mentioning that nearly 38000 persons with disability live in the Strip, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.
UAWC win Arab Thought Foundation Award in Economic Creativity field in 2015
Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work committees won Arab Creativity Award in the Economic creativity field for its project" Palestinian Land Development". UAWC's Acting Director, Fuad Abu Saif, confirmed that our success of the award-winning is considered a national achievement that encouraged us to continue our activities in Palestinian land development and reclamation especially in area "C". In addition, he stressed on the importance of the role of Arab Though Foundation, Lebanon, in promoting pride in the Arab nation’s core values and identity through its appropriate cultural programs and activities.
First Wool Exhibition for Women's products
With the presence of several representatives from different governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations, Roles for social change association ADWAR organized the first Wool Exhibition for Women who head their families. The exhibition aims at presenting women's products in addition to contributing in selling them.
A New Round of Palestinian National Debate Championship 2015
ADWAR Association Need Assessment workshop in Abu Njeim Area
Roles for Social Change Association ADWAR implemented needs assessment workshop within the framework of the social program, in Abu Njeim /Wad Rahhal Bethlehem city.
"AFKAR" Implements Roles Balance Program in summer camps-2014
Workshop on Human Security in NGOs' Work
The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) held a workshop in cooperation with Women and Family Affairs Center (WAFAC) in Nablus, on the Human Security in NGOs' Work, aiming at presenting the "Women and Youth Against Violence" (human security) Project to CSOs representatives, women's and human rights organizations that deal with youth and women.
The Association Sump Center for Social Development work workshop entitled Tarefah first session in a future program for orphaned children