UAWC win Arab Thought Foundation Award in Economic Creativity field in 2015
Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work committees won Arab Creativity Award in the Economic creativity field for its project" Palestinian Land Development". UAWC's Acting Director, Fuad Abu Saif, confirmed that our success of the award-winning is considered a national achievement that encouraged us to continue our activities in Palestinian land development and reclamation especially in area "C". In addition, he stressed on the importance of the role of Arab Though Foundation, Lebanon, in promoting pride in the Arab nation’s core values and identity through its appropriate cultural programs and activities.
First Wool Exhibition for Women's products
With the presence of several representatives from different governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations, Roles for social change association ADWAR organized the first Wool Exhibition for Women who head their families. The exhibition aims at presenting women's products in addition to contributing in selling them.
A New Round of Palestinian National Debate Championship 2015
ADWAR Association Need Assessment workshop in Abu Njeim Area
Roles for Social Change Association ADWAR implemented needs assessment workshop within the framework of the social program, in Abu Njeim /Wad Rahhal Bethlehem city.
"AFKAR" Implements Roles Balance Program in summer camps-2014
Workshop on Human Security in NGOs' Work
The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) held a workshop in cooperation with Women and Family Affairs Center (WAFAC) in Nablus, on the Human Security in NGOs' Work, aiming at presenting the "Women and Youth Against Violence" (human security) Project to CSOs representatives, women's and human rights organizations that deal with youth and women.
The Association Sump Center for Social Development work workshop entitled Tarefah first session in a future program for orphaned children
Vaccination of children from the age of day-to-five years
"The sister and her brother" and "choosing carefully"
Two Palestinian films discuss the range of freedom in the Palestinian family In the last shows of the participated films in Shashat 9th festival within the cultural forum in SWG, the participated of women graduates liked the idea, directing, and the importance of these two films