Israel’s Raid on Arab Banks in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: A Legal Analysis
On 25 February 2004, Israeli police, Internal Security Agency (Shabak) officers and Border Police raided branches of the Jordan-based Arab Bank and the Cairo Amman Bank in the West Bank town of Ramallah, seizing in cash from the bank vaults more than NIS 35 million (the equivalent of US$ 7 million). The sum corresponded to the amount of money held in over 200 accounts belonging to individuals, charities and non-governmental organisations. This report analyses the bank raid in light of international law, as well as bilateral agreements between Israel and Palestine.
Unlawful Killing: The Assassination of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli Occupying Forces
Beaten to Death: Umran Abu Hamdieh
This case study examines the events of 30 December 2002, during which 17-year-old Umran Abu Hamdieh was beaten to death by Israeli Border Police. With accounts given by eye-witnesses, the report outlines the case with respect to international human rights and humanitarian law. The report seeks to confirm that the willful beating and killing of this Palestinian minor is merely part and parcel of routine practices which demonstrate the behaviour of Israeli occupying forces towards the Palestinian people.
Workers Rights in Industrial Establishments
Findings of a field survey of 8 different industries
Legitimising the Illegitimate? The Israeli High Court of Justice and the Occupied Palestinian Territory
This short study seeks to tackle broadly the issues and concerns facing all those charged with legally protecting the rights of Palestinians. First, it outlines both the legal landscape of the OPT in which the HCJ operates and the international legal standards applicable to the OPT. It then surveys the nature and effect of some of the Court’s jurisprudence throughout the period of the occupation under a series of headings, before focusing specifically on some important decisions that have been handed down since Al-Haq’s last study of the Court was published in 2004.
Promise or Peril? The Status of Youth in Palestine
Today, Palestinian youth comprise approximately 27 percent of the total population, and recent demographic trends indicate that, in the future, youth will constitute an ever increasing proportion of Palestinian society. As a result of the current reality in Palestine – primarily attributed to Israel’s brutal and longstanding occupation, but also related to internal division and societal norms – the reality of life for youth is beset by oppression, violence, and deprivation.