WCLAC Launched the Official Website of “Women and Children’s Rights through Access to Information”

This project is being implemented by WCLAC in Palestine, led by the Information and Communication Technology for Development in the Arab Region “ICTDAR” and funded by the Spanish Cooperation. It has already been implemented by UNDP/ICTDAR in collaboration with national organizations in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, and is being implemented in Morocco and Jordan.

The objective is to empower women to address and resolve issues related to labor law and family law, including child support payments, marriage, divorce, adoption and custody, and inheritance, by producing user-friendly, easily understandable legal information in textual and audio-visual format in local language, and training community workers to use this material effectively.

To achieve its objectives, the project focused on compiling all pertinent legal content in one place, and on producing answers in simplified language to hundreds of frequently asked questions, to facilitate the access of women, social workers, judges, lawyers, Ministries of Justice and Social Affairs to all topics related to women’s rights, in addition to producing CDs and establishing a website including all the data that women need to know about their legal rights concerning family laws, violence, and labor issues.

The project will also focus on building the capacities of the target groups via training of trainers, and on the creation of pilot automated systems and training rooms. The project will also make an extensive use of media coverage, through newspapers and TV channels, at national and regional levels.

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