FACD carries out a a volunteering day including a blood donation campaign

The future association for culture and development has carried out a a volunteering day including a blood donation campaign on the occasion of " world day of peace "
Under a slogan " don't waste your blood- donate it "
The occasion has gone well, and a number of well-knows character has shown up including Me / Ashraf Joma'a , Engineer / Eisa Al Nashar, and Mr./ Nafith Ghneim.
Where all of them gave a speech greeting and honoring this work.

" What we see here concerning the blood donation campaign is a apparent evidence of humanity and tolerance in the Palestinian society and the concept of such humanitarian work indicates on the ongoing availability of dedicated and loyal youth groups within the Palestinian society who, we send our greetings towards them and their exerted efforts to accomplish such work as well as the founders of this programme . said Mr./ Ashraf Joma'a ".

Engineer / Eisa Al Nashar added :

" It's a recognized effort towards achieving the Palestinian reconciliation among the Palestinian conflicting parties, all the brothers here are looking for united and tolerant society ".

Mr. / Nafith Ghneim , commented on the event:

" when we talk about volunteering actions, then we are talking about an adherent activity in the Palestinian youth and we are looking toward keeping it up, so when someone volunteers it means that he/ she is ready to give what it takes for the prosperity of the Palestinian people for no payback.
Peace is in our culture and we are trying and hoping to kept it just here in Palestine as well as internationally among all world nations.
We wish to develop and enhance such activities for the purpose of achieving our goals, justice democracy and equality."

At the end, the Future Association for Culture and Development thanked all teams and staff member as well as all the people who donated their blood.


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