About Us

The Palestinian NGO Portal-Masader is an electronic gateway specialized in serving and empowering the NGO sector. Through Masader, each member NGO is able to publish and exchange its achievements (e.g. projects, programs, studies, researches, annual reports). Therefore, the portal provides a wealth of information and a substantial database on Palestinian NGOs. In addition, it provides an open and liberal platform for dialogue on
NGO sector in Palestine.

This portal is one of the programs of the NGO Development Center, through which it strives to strengthen the capacity of NGOS to use information technology, enhance coordination, networking, and encouraging exchange of information and experiences with the NGO sector and with other sectors.



  • Coordinating, participating, and exchanging information within the NGO, across sectors and across geographical locations.
  • Establishing an electronic database to include the most comprehensive, updated, and vital information on the NGO sector.
  • Presenting technology in a simplified language to ensure the optimum use without the need to acquire any technical specialty towards accomplishing the objectives of the NGO sector.
  • Enhancing the application of positive values and best practices within the NGO sector.
  • Offering a liberal and open platform for constructive dialogue regarding NGO sector related issues, including internal and developmental policies.

Components and Services

  • Members Guide: includes a list of member NGOs, links, networks, unions, and a list of donors, which includes development agencies, international NGOs operating in Palestine, in addition to a list of services' providers to NGO sector.
  • Sources and References: a section dedicated to publish and archive news of NGOs, and an E-library, which includes publications of NGOs, in addition to multi-media library, and polls.
  • Geographical Information System: The system provides a tool to process, analyze, and present geographical information related to NGOs, and development projects implemented by them.
  • Opportunities: through this section, available funding opportunities from different Palestinian NGOs are published. Also, it includes training opportunities, recruitment, and requests for consultative services.

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