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Representative Office of Ireland, Ramallah

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Applications Open for Human Rights and Democratisation Project Fund 2023


Applications are now open for a new Human Rights and Democratisation (HRD) project-based funding scheme 2023 offered by Ireland in Palestine.

The promotion and protection of human rights and support for a robust human rights form an integral part of Irish engagement and advocacy, primarily in the form of direct support to civil society organisations.

Ireland has developed and expanded over time an extensive programme of support for civil society organisations. This new funding track allows human rights NGOs not currently in receipt of Irish funding to apply for support for projects in three key priority areas.


In 2023 projects under this scheme should aim to address one of the following priority areas:

1) To strengthen skills of journalists in digital journalism and learn about range of tools and techniques that help journalists prepare for their stories. This should focus on digital tools and best practices for newsgathering and online verification, weighing information & evidence and help journalists to find and tackle dis/misinformation, and verify and tell engaging stories.

2) Promote or safeguard Palestinian cultural heritage, identity or representation, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups and areas, and on the environment.

3) Use of innovative approaches (e.g. utilising multimedia in social media campaigns) to advance topical policy issues related to gender equality, women's empowerment or combatting gender-based violence.


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Representative Office of Ireland, Ramallah
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