NDC: Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

AJIR + (Appui à Jérusalem-Est pour son Identité et sa Résilience – Phase additionnelle)

“East Jerusalem Identity and Resilience Support Program AJIR+”


Expressions of Interest

Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant


The NGO Development Center (NDC) has received a financing toward the cost of the East Jerusalem Identity and Resilience Support Program AJIR+ and intends to use part of the funds thereof to payments for Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant to be hired under the project.

The Consultant will revise and finalize with partner CSOs selected under Pillar I and II of AJIR+ Programme (5 CSOs under pillar 1 and about 15 CSOs under Pillar II) their subprojects’ indicators and identification of tools and methods and to aggregate subprojects’ data on AJIR+ logical framework that will result at providing information on the programme’s goal attainment.

The assignment will commence on the date of signing the contract with the Consultant and will extend over the AJIR+ implementation period, until December 1, 2027, which is the Technical Completion Date. The total level of efforts is estimated at 35 days.

The NDC hereby invites Applicants to show their interest in delivering the Services described above. This Request for Expressions of Interest is open to Individual consultants.

Required Qualifications:

In order to accomplish the objective of the assignment and the scope of work, a consultant is required with the following qualifications and competences:

  1. Advanced degree in social sciences, development, sociology, business administration or other relevant/related fields;
  2. Specific experience in project design, project cycle management, and monitoring and evaluation;
  3. Strong working knowledge of the NGO sector in Palestine;
  4. Specific experience in results-based management, participatory monitoring and evaluation methodologies and approaches;
  5. Minimum 7-10 years professional and relevant experience in similar international development co-operation programmes.
  6. Demonstrated analytical qualitative and quantitative research and report writing skills;
  7. Proven track record to deliver high quality reports in English and on time

Eligibility criteria to AFD financing are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the "Procurement Guidelines for AFD‑Financed Contracts in Foreign Countries", available online on AFD’s website: http://www.afd.fr.

Interested individual consultants must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform those Services. For that purpose, documented evidence of recent and similar services shall be submitted. The Expressions of Interest must be submitted to the following email address [email protected] no later than Monday, July 22, 2024 before 2:00pm.

To review the full Terms of Reference, please visit the following link:

Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant: Terms of Reference (PDF, 930 KB)


Applications Deadline

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