Atfaluna Society: GBV Legal Officer

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) seeks hiring two Gender Based Violence (GBV) Legal Officers. 

Scope of Work: 

Under the supervision of the Protection Specialist Team Leader, the Gender Based Violence GBV Legal Officer will be responsible for supporting the overall implementation of GBV prevention and response interventions as part of the project titled: “Strengthening women and girls with and without disabilities by enhancing an inclusive and safe environment in the Gaza Strip”. The GBV Legal Officer should demonstrate a strong knowledge in the Palestinian laws and judicial procedures. He or she is expected to provide specialized and appropriate legal services that aim at improving access to justice and rule of law for women and girls with and without disabilities who are at-risk or survivors of GBV. 

Key Responsibilities:

• GBV survivors must be provided services with supportive environment in which there are respected and treated with dignity following survivor-centered approach that survivors are engaged and their best interest rights needs and wishes of the survivors are respected

• Adhere to GBV guiding principles: ensure the safety of the survivor and their children; and staff involved at all times respect the confidentiality of the information provided by GBV survivors and conduct interviews in private settings. Maintain a non-judgmental manner and respect the survivor decision

• Provide legal counselling for GBV survivor regarding potential avenues of legal response 

• Respect the right to be informed on the details of the legal procedures including available options time frame and the consequences

• Provide and facilitate legal access to all GBV Survivors who opt for legal action include accompany and escort GBV Survivors to Police station and Court whenever requested i.e. by ensuring GBV Survivors and witness summoned to court attend court sessions

• Respect the right to legal aid including the right to refuse legal aid at any time prior or -depending on the type of the crime committed- during legal process

• Coordinate with the legal clinics and legal authorities whenever it is needed

• Continually update the Protection Specialist Team Leader about the survivors’ case and link the survivor with the case managers for ongoing psychosocial support or referral to additional services.

• Monitor GBV survivors’ overall security risk as a result of pursuing legal action; ensure the survivor is protected against any risks of further offence that the alleged offender may cause and link the survivor with the psychosocial support interventions to provide adequate response/referral to ensure needs and security concerns of the survivors are met

• Conduct different trainings to different groups in the community on national and international law as it relates to women and girls’ protection from GBV 

• Conduct GBV related-legal information dissemination (legal aid clinics) or other targeted legal activity to increase awareness in preventing and responding to GBV incidents

• Monitor all cases sent to court by using a tracking system as well as follow-up

• Contributing for developing drafting and update legal guidelines and training materials on GBV related to National law and/or international law

• Ensure proper and safe legal documentation case information data security and storage. All data must use accurately and appropriately strictly follow data protection protocol and confidentiality; maintain confidentiality with regards to client information at all times

• Track indicators and analyze data on all legal counseling legal access including those where legal action is not pursued or has been pursued but subsequently failed

• In joint collaboration of team leader prepare and submit timely and quality monthly quarterly and annual report to ASDC’s management

• Following up on cases with law enforcement bodies to ensure that the rights of the survivor are promoted and protected throughout the legal process

• Advocate with court official where there are gaps in dispensing the justice system

• Link and coordinate with other services providers ensure integrated approaches to access to justices

• Participate in coordination meeting with legal actors so as to smoothen the process of access to legal justices to GBV Survivors

• Perform any other tasks as required by the project

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor degree in law with at least 5 years of relevant work experience particularly in women’s rights

• Experience working on gender-based violence issues desirable

• Commitment to working confidentially responsibly and with respect for legal ethics

• Ability to work independently with a high degree of initiative required

• Ability to work as part of a team that shares the common goal of helping stop GBV

• Experience in conducting needs assessments and reporting

• Experience working directly with survivors of GBV is recommended

Required Knowledge & Competencies:

• Clear understanding of gender, abuse of power, and issues surrounding violence against women and girls with and without disabilities

• Clear understanding and experience in working with women and girls with disabilities

• Familiar with UNCRPD convention for persons with disabilities

• Able to maintain confidentiality and ethics and respect for clients at all times.

• Experience in participatory techniques and community mobilization

• Able to lead, train, supervise, facilitate and motivate GBV Community Workers in their respective tasks in a professional, respectful and supportive manner

• Positive, highly motivated, innovative, with strong organizational and inter-personal skills

• Able to coordinate multiple tasks while maintaining attention to quality and detail

• Able to work as part of a team

• Strong knowledge of computer applications, including MS Word and Excel

• Willing to work in emergency situations

• Fluency in English, including writing clear and concise reports is preferrable

• Candidates who meet the above requirements are requested to send a covering letter and Curriculum vitae including three references to the Directorof Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children by e-mail: [email protected]before 27/12/2021.



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