NGO #15617

جمعية نجوم الأمل لتمكين النساء ذوات الإعاقة
Stars of Hope society
Main Sector
Social/ Welfare Services
Based on the trend towards integration of the disabled in society, and involved in the development process, and an affirmation of their right to practice their lives normally, and in order to upgrade the status of women with disabilities, development and human realities, socially and economically, comes Stars hope Society Initiative, which was established by a group of disabled women activists Alaagahladrakna deep area of the difficult reality with the sisters of women with disabilities. We aim at the reality of women with disabilities and their interest in the development of this fact and provide programmes and activities to upgrade the status of this category of women, and to discover their potential and integrate into development programmes.
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Al Mahsiri commercial building, 3rd floor
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