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جمعية بني نعيم الخيرية
Bani Naim Charitable Society
Bani Naim Charitable Society was created in 1965 and is registered in the social welfare under the number 13/1965.It was created to provide services for children and poor students of Bani Naim to help them improve their health,educational and economic situation .In aaddition to this, the society takes care of the woman role in the society. By time and because of the changes that occurred on the management committee, new activities were added to the societys current activities to serve the local community. Bani Naim Charittable Society was the pioneer in Hebron area that provided such kind of services . Currently ,an elected board committee (management committee) of seven members and an administrative manager runs the society . Elections of the board are hold once every 2years, while the numbe of the members is 2200.
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Islam Manasrah
Bani Naim Charitabe Society
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Islam Manasrah
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