Ruling Palestine
The main focus of Ruling Palestine: A History of the Legally Sanctioned Jewish-Israeli Seizure of Land and Housing in Palestine is the methodical process underlying the Zionist conquest of Palestine and the dispossession and displacement of its indigenous Arab inhabitants, in particular legal instruments and policies relating to colonisation and land acqusition. This process is measured against the standards of relevant international law and UN resolutions. The study is a resource and reference tool for researchers, journalists, legal experts, human rights advocates and policy makers.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 16 - 22 April 2013
Over 100 Palestinians injured in the West Bank in clashes with Israeli forces during demonstrations; over 60 per cent of them were minors.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 6 - 12 August 2013
Israeli forces injure 24 Palestinians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. In Gaza, one Palestinian killed and another injured in the context of Israeli restrictions on Palestinian access near the fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The transfer of construction materials through the tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border remains severely reduced.
NDC Annual Report 2014
The NGO Development Center (NDC) has made momentous strides in empowering Palestinians by Palestinians throughout 2014. Both our grant-making and sector development programs were expanded to address NGO sector needs in innovative and effective ways. Building on our successes, NDC continues to represent a leading institution in the Palestinian NGO sector. In 2014, NDC concluded the second phase of the Human Rights/Good Governance program, which over the course of 6 years provided NGOs in the human rights and good governance sectors with crucial support, both financial and technical.
PCS Auditors Report 2014
Palestinian Consultative staff for developing NGOs in Jenin governorate " PCS" is independent civic and non governmental assemblage ,,that aims to develop and empower the Palestinian community during the cadre of promoting the democracy, social equity ,sustainable development ,and respect the law and human rights , PCS presents its services without any discrimination on base on religion ,sex or race , PCS includes during its memberships more than 30 Palestinian NGOs in Jenin Governorate ,that work in human ,social and development fields. PCS was established on May \ 2005 , after signed the memorandum understanding with member NGOs with PCS , to promote the cooperation and networking among different civil community organizations in Jenin Governorate , since that time just now PCS became one of important competent in civil community in Jenin Governorate , to be as connection circle and reference term for coordinating among the NGOs at local, national and international levels . PCS obtained on the legal status from Palestinian interior ministry on December \ 2005 , under Number (JN-897-B) that includes during its membership group of activists in NGOs working , experts in human development & management & planning who have good experience in public work, they represent large sector of NGOs that include more than 30 NGOs.
Gaza: Internally Displaced Persons
Since 2008, the Gaza Strip has experienced three major escalations of armed conflict which resulted in significant numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs). At the height of the most recent escalation in July-August 2014, nearly 500,000 people, 28 per cent of the population, were displaced from their homes.
Palestinian Developmental Women Studies Association: Financial Statements 2013