Submitted by [email protected] on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 17:04

As a result of a thorough market investigation in the Gaza Strip, and as a response to the increasing humanitarian crisis, Sharek Youth Forum have secured in the Gaza Strip a number of items that are ready and available for immediate procurement and distribution to needy youth and children.

The organization has available and after discussion with a large-private sector firm, 30,000 tins of formula milk, for the ages 0-6 months and 6-12 months that are ready for purchasing. In addition, the organization and as part of the protection cluster and the shelter sector, has available a solid number of volunteers that are ready for the distribution of the purchased milk to children.

In addition, and as part of the organization efforts in providing psycho-social support to the children of the Gaza Strip, the organization have secured in various Gaza Strip inventories a large amount of toys, crayons, playdo, drawing pads, and other items necessary to relief terrified children in the various shelters around the Gaza Strip. The organization is urging all national and international organizations, private-sector firms, and individuals, to provide financial support to procure these items. Our volunteers are ready to distribute these items and utilize them in conducting activities with terrified children.

Your support in this matter is highly requested. The secured milk tins will need 600,000 NIS in cash, and we are currently fundraising to raise the amount, procure, and distribute the milk. Another 300,000 NIS in cash will be needed to procure the children's toys and games.

All items are secured in the Gaza Strip, and are ready for immediate procurement and distribution through our network of volunteers and staff members already mobilized in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Together we can make a difference.

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