Map of the Palestinian NGO Project Phase II

Submitted by NDC2016 on Fri, 02/17/2006 - 11:44

These projects will target marginalized communities, through a mix of sectoral/regional, and community-based projects, to be implemented over a period of two years. Technical assistance (TA), and organizational capacity building will be provided as needed; 2) provision of grants by NGOs, and Development Grant Recipients (DGR), for implementation of projects, provided ability to manage quality projects was demonstrated during Phase I of the project. Grants awarded to DGRs will represent incremental support, which will significantly contribute to sustain project activities financed under Phase I of the project; 3) the Sector Support Program, to provide technical expertise at the sectoral level, and will promote information exchange, elaborate stronger sector's role in development, and, promote a dialogue for enhancing public, and nongovernmental service delivery programs; and, 4) TA, and monitoring and evaluation, to support capacity gaps in managerial areas of the partnership/development grants programs, and, to conduct overall program evaluations

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