ADWAR finishes a project on Supporting gender equality in the South Hebron Hiill

Yatta Educational directorate representative Mr.Khalid Abu sharer attended the ceremony, with ADWAR’s general director Sahar Yousef AlKawasmeh, HIRN representative Mr.Hamed AlKawasmeh, the Eorld vision representative Mr.Nader Raheel, Yatta municipality representative Mr.Musa Makhamreh and the ministry of education representative Mr. Saleh Basry, as well as Hebron Governorate representative, AlQuds Open University representative Dr.Mohammad Hroub , and  the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of UK government representative Lucy Ra’ii.
The project aimed at awareness of mothers towards the importance of education and maintain sustainability in education for girls in spite of hard social and political conditions in C areas. also, as a human right guaranteed by all international and Palestinian laws, in order to contribute in redeeming gender gaps of reaching education according to high ratio of inflation.
ADWAR’s general director confirmed the importance of providing girls schools in such areas in order to sustain the continuity of girls’ education and decrease inflation.
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