Call for proposals: Promoting the Rule of Law in Palestine - SAWASYA II

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UN Women

Building on the achievements and the lessons learned of Sawasya , and based on consultations with national partners, other UN agencies and INGOs, UN Women  UNDP and UNICEF developed the programme “Promoting Rule of Law in Palestine “that will work jointly towards enhancing access to justice to all Palestinians, particularly the most marginalized groups, including women and children. This will be achieved through ensuring the provision of gender responsive legislations, policies and service delivery all across the security and justice chain, and the empowerment of women as beneficiaries of services and decision makers.


The joint programme’s overall goal is a functioning and inclusive State of Palestine that respects, protects and fulfils people’s human rights, and promotes development, peace and security.’


In line with the joint programme results framework, and building on the achievements of SAWASYA, UNWOMEN Palestine Country Office welcomes project proposals for partnerships with CSOs to design and implement interventions, under Outcome 2, Outcome 3 and Outcome 4, targeting the Justice and Security Institutions, including service providers and decision makers, in addition to survivors of violence and women inmates, the community at large through the following planned interventions.


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