Leading House MENA: Consolidation Grants (COGs)

Agency name
The Leading House MENA

The Leading House MENA has launched a call for “Consolidation Grants” (COGs). This instrument aims to encourage more advanced, solid projects between Switzerland and the MENA region. The impulse for the COG proposals should come from previous collaborations between the Swiss and the MENA applicants, with the goal to evolve and deepen those partnerships. The instrument is different from the Research Partnership Grants that were launched in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The main difference is the eligibility criteria regarding the previous collaborations between the applicants. The other eligibility conditions, the funding principles and the application process remain mostly similar to the RPGs. Please read the document carefully and contact LHMENA directly if you have any questions.

Grant amount

Max. CHF 40,000 per project

Number of grants available

Approximately 10

Project duration

Max. 18 months

Eligible Swiss institutions

Federal and cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teachers’ education, as well as public research institutions

Eligible countries

All 17 countries of the MENA region (see call document for full list)

Application deadline

02.10.2023, 5pm (Swiss time)

Information and application







Contact Information
The Leading House MENA
Submission deadline

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