Report of violations in Al-Sheik Jarrah Neighborhood/ January 2010
Report of violations in Al-Sheik Jarrah Neighborhood/ January 2010
Palestinian Child Prisoners
This report documents the widespread ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children at the hands of the Israeli army and police force. It contains the testimonies of 33 children who bear witness to the abuse they received at the hands of soldiers from the moment of arrest through to an often violent interrogation. Children report being painfully shackled for hours on end, kicked, beaten and threatened, some with death, until they provide confessions, some written in Hebrew, a language they do not speak or understand.
Priority Issues of Women in Gaza Strip
One year after the Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip that left behind mass killing, destruction and displacement. Its serious repercussions are still continuing on the economy and society. Despite the difficult circumstances, which are still afflicting on Gaza Strip and institutions working in it, Women's Affairs Center (WAC) initiatives and efforts to enrich experience of the feminist movement and civil society in Palestine continues to provide decision makers with researches and studies on women's issues, and provide objective information on women priority needs.
Shiraa’ Embroidery Products
Shiraa is an independent, non-profit and development Palestinian Association that seeks to achieve community development and strengthen loyalty for a more creative and crisis-free society that will be able to keep up with cultural development through setting up well-planned programs to secure a better future characterized with justice, democracy and respect for human rights. Shiraa works on marketing the products of the women working in this department
Food Security Bulletin Issue No. 5
This issue of the Food Security Bulletin addresses a number of topics, including the new methodology proposed by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics to measure the levels of poverty in the OPT, focusing on the reasons behind the amendment to the methodology and the most significant drawbacks. The issue of the replacement of the methodology undoubtedly constitutes an essential subject because of its impact on policy implications and economic priorities.
NDC Annual Report 2010
The NGO Development Center (NDC) is a non-profit nongovernmental organization established in response to the need of having a sustainable Palestinian mechanism for providing support to the NGO sector. By providing financial and technical support, NDC works towards developing the capacities of Palestinian NGOs in providing quality services, especially to the poor and the marginalized;
Ratification of convention against torture: A step to break the cycle of torture and poverty
On the occasion of the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, in partnership with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights held a workshop entitled “Towards ratification of the convention against torture: a step to break the cycle of torture and poverty” in Al Salam Restaurant in Gaza. The workshop was well attended by Dr. Ahmed Abu Tawahina, Director General of the GCMHP, Mr. Sol Taka Hashi, the vice president of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Mr.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 27 July - 2 August 2011
Israeli forces killed two Palestinians and injured 37 others throughout the West Bank. Also in the West Bank, settler attacks on Palestinian trees continue. Large settlement outpost to be dismantled. In Gaza, one Palestinian farmer injured. Movement through Rafah Crossing remains limited. Gaza crossings update.
Twenty Years of Building a Palestinian Community Fit for Children 1991-2011
This year, Defence for Children International-Palestine Section celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment in 1991. This celebration holds special meaning for the section’s Board, General Assembly and staff, as it is the culmination of a journey that has seen us transform, through many endeavours and achievements, from modest beginnings into one of the most important Palestinian human rights organisations operating in the field of children’s rights.
The loss of homes and hope
This report aims to examine the situation of women in Israeli occupied East Jerusalem and outline the violations suffered by them as a direct result of the demolitions and evictions carried out by the Israeli authorities. The destruction and confiscation of homes is not an issue that only affects women but it does affect them more acutely and in a gender specific way. To place the issue within it’s context it will be useful to briefly examine the Israeli settlement policy in East Jerusalem and the overall framework surrounding the demolition of houses and forced evictions in the city.