Provocation to Kill: The Use of Force as a Response to Provoked Stone-Throwing
This case study examines the events of 24 April 2003, as well as preceding incidents during which the Israeli military utilized lethal force against Palestinian stone-throwers in the village of Qarawa. With several affidavidts given by eye-witnesses, the report provides detailed accounts of the shootings and killings of the Palestinian villagers by the occupying army. The report also includes legal analysis based on international law applicable to a belligerent occupying force, and calls for both Israel and the international community to fulfill their legal obligations.
Bridging the Gap Between Research and Policy Making in the Palestinian Territories
The aim of this study is to improve and develop the relevance, effectiveness and impact of locally produced research on economic and social policy. This will be achieved by building a clearer picture of the parties involved in the policy-making process and the political and economic systems they operate within. This study also examines the relationship between the research and policy-making spheres and the role that international actors and donors play in processes of research and policy formulation.
Promise or Peril? The Status of Youth in Palestine
Today, Palestinian youth comprise approximately 27 percent of the total population, and recent demographic trends indicate that, in the future, youth will constitute an ever increasing proportion of Palestinian society. As a result of the current reality in Palestine – primarily attributed to Israel’s brutal and longstanding occupation, but also related to internal division and societal norms – the reality of life for youth is beset by oppression, violence, and deprivation.
Unlawful Killing: The Assassination of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli Occupying Forces
Palestinian Youth and Poltical Parties
Palestinian youth have played a pioneering role in shouldering the burdens of the Palestinian national struggle making them a key factor in maintaining national identity and the emergence of the Palestinian national movement and its political forces. As a result, young people have been the most exposed to political and military violence, with many being killed, injured, detained, tortured and deported.
Workers Rights in Industrial Establishments
Findings of a field survey of 8 different industries
Discrimination study in the public service - Palestine
This study addressed the issue of discrimination in the public service as one of the main factors responsible for the poor performance of the Palestinian public sector
Mapping of Organizations Working With Youth in the oPt
This exercise was a mapping of all organizations dealing with youth. Some of them are involved only in youth related activities while others are involved in some projects related to youth. Over 540 organizations were approached: about 300 were from the West Bank and the rest were from the Gaza Strip, as noted in figure 1, below. Due to the problems of getting the filled questionnaires from the Gaza Strip, the team in Gaza was requested to retype all the answers so that they can send the material electronically for data coding and data entry in Ramallah.