Roles for Social Change Association: Annual Report 2011
Roles Association started as a non profit organization in December 2010, providing different program and activity. The organization is registered in Hebron governorate, obtaining official registration from the Palestinian Ministry of Interior as a Non-Governmental association(NGO). We are affiliated to the ministry of women affairs, the competent. Roles is an independent Association and neither affiliated with nor dependent on any political party.
Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 30 May - 5 June 2012
Israeli forces kill three armed Palestinians and injure eight civilians in the Gaza Strip. In addition, 48 Palestinians were injured in the West Bank. Settler violence continues. Communities in the Jordan Valley continue to be affected by demolitions and evictions. Also this week, access of fire brigades to a community behind the Barrier delayed. In Gaza, people continue to experience power cuts as high as 12 hours per day throughout the week.
NDC Financial Statement 2011
The NGO Development Center (NDC) is the largest Palestinian organization of its kind working hand-in-hand with Palestinian NGOs, local cooperatives, and community development organizations to improve the delivery of services to the disaffected and build a more capable, responsive Palestinian civil society.
The Palestinian NGO Portal
Established by the NGO Development Center (NDC), the Palestinian NGO Portal (Masader) is the first and unprecedented NGO Portal in Palestine and in the Arab world. Masader specializes in serving and empowering the NGO sector in terms of assisting NGOs in overcoming geographic limitations and providing them with opportunities for communicating amongst each other and among other relevant parties. Through Masader, member NGOs are able to publish and exchange their achievements (e.g. projects, studies, researches, proposals, administrative and financial reports, etc.).
Palestinian Vision: Annual Report 2009
Palestinian Vision Organization (Ru’ya Falastineyeh) is one ofthe exceptional Palestinian non-governmental organizations initiated, developed, and managed by the youth of Palestine.
NDC Newsletter, July 2011
The NGO Development Center (NDC) is an innovative Palestinian non-profit organization established in November 2006 in response to the need of having a sustainable Palestinian mechanism for providing financial and technical support to the NGO sector. NDC is governed by a policy board of directors that is composed of representatives from society experts, NGO networks and unions, academia, and the private sector. It is composed of 13 members elected by the general assembly once every three years.
Palestinian Youth and Poltical Parties
Palestinian youth have played a pioneering role in shouldering the burdens of the Palestinian national struggle making them a key factor in maintaining national identity and the emergence of the Palestinian national movement and its political forces. As a result, young people have been the most exposed to political and military violence, with many being killed, injured, detained, tortured and deported.
Mapping of Organizations Working With Youth in the oPt
This exercise was a mapping of all organizations dealing with youth. Some of them are involved only in youth related activities while others are involved in some projects related to youth. Over 540 organizations were approached: about 300 were from the West Bank and the rest were from the Gaza Strip, as noted in figure 1, below. Due to the problems of getting the filled questionnaires from the Gaza Strip, the team in Gaza was requested to retype all the answers so that they can send the material electronically for data coding and data entry in Ramallah.
Promise or Peril? The Status of Youth in Palestine
Today, Palestinian youth comprise approximately 27 percent of the total population, and recent demographic trends indicate that, in the future, youth will constitute an ever increasing proportion of Palestinian society. As a result of the current reality in Palestine – primarily attributed to Israel’s brutal and longstanding occupation, but also related to internal division and societal norms – the reality of life for youth is beset by oppression, violence, and deprivation.